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“Seafood is our passion. Cooking our gift.”

Kyle Greene

Kyle Greene

“Every day, I learned something new, or just had a great time. It was hard work, and a challenge, but it was so exciting that I couldn’t stop” President and founder of Kyle G’s Prime Seafood and Steaks, Kyle Greene was born right here on the Treasure Coast. Kyle was not only raised as a local here but also raised in the restaurant industry – starting his first culinary-based position as a dishwasher at the age of fifteen. As a youngster Kyle would grow from the position of dishwasher at locally beloved Lefty’s, to a line-cook at the establishment where he would fall in love with the restaurant industry as a whole. The energy, the comradery, the slight flirtation with danger, and the prestige of the culinary world would soon become Kyle’s only focus. If only he knew how deep his infatuation with perfecting the craft of service really was. Becoming a member of the culinary team at Rottie’s at the age of seventeen, to the chagrin of his father who thought he was crazy, Kyle had his first taste of fine dining. Rottie’s would educate Kyle on the nuances of fine dining and the importance of serving high-quality food. This experience would shape the future for young Kyle Greene and eventually lead him to attend and graduate from culinary school in West Palm Beach. After graduation, Kyle would return to his hometown to open his first restaurant: The Brickwall Grille. For nearly four years The Brickwall Grille was a bellwether restaurant on the Treasure Coast, proving that guests need not travel to Palm Beach or Miami for a first-class culinary experience. The success of Kyle’s first restaurant was too good to be true, as the recession loomed and eventually shuttered the doors of The Brickwall Grille. Over the next few years Kyle would embark on a tour-de-culinaire – learning talents in both the front and the back of the house from masters of the craft like Emeril Legasse at Emeril’s in Miami Beach, Smith and Wollensky Steak House in South Beach, and The Capital Grille in Palm Beach Gardens. The fruition of this hard work and careful learning was the position that brought Kyle back to the Treasure Coast: Food and Beverage Manager / Executive Chef at Ballantrae Country Club. As it turns out, Kyle was not ready for retirement at a country club just yet. The restaurant industry was in his blood and he needed to work somewhere that challenged his abilities. Ten years after closing the doors at The Brickwall Grille, Kyle took the position of Executive Chef at the new Pietro’s on the Ocean – in an all too familiar building. After a short time at Pietro’s, Kyle would leap into a new project as the Kitchen Manager at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood in Orlando. In two years time, Eddie V’s would relocate Kyle to La Jolla, California, to help manage a three-story $9 million dollar establishment. Running an outfit this large taught Kyle the true nuances of operating a large restaurant successfully. He would then take this knowledge to another Darden brand, Yardhouse. Yardhouse was yet another challenge with over 150 items on the menu at any given time and a kitchen staff of roughly 45 team members. A true leadership challenge would present itself in running Yardhouse. After helping the Yardhouse location in San Diego to become one of the top performing restaurants in the company, Kyle took an opportunity to move back to Florida, this time in Boca Raton. Back home on the east coast of Florida, Kyle would repeat the steps that led San Diego Yardhouse to success: hiring from within, cutting costs, and providing an exceptional experience for the guest. But, as anyone with ambition would know the thought of attempting a new challenge was a daily consideration. So, like Bob Dylan going electric, Kyle suddenly decided he needed to switch gears and enter into the world of investment. Leaving the restaurant industry in the rear-view, Kyle would complete his 2-15 and series 6 licenses. Through a series of connections Kyle became an investment advisor. While the numbers game was always something Kyle was interested in it would only be a year before the sizzle of a hot pan would call him back to the restaurant – this time in a suit and a chef coat. After fourteen years Kyle has returned to where it all began. On the beautiful shores of Jensen Beach, Kyle G’s Prime Seafood and Steaks is a culmination of all of the great teachers, team members and supporters that Kyle has had throughout the years. Incredibly humble to have the opportunity to once again serve the people of the Treasure Coast, Kyle is committed to bringing the best possible culinary experience through his restaurant here. Backed by an unmatched team and an unwavering community Kyle would just like to do what he loves and would like for you to just - simply - enjoy.   Kyle serves his community through multiple organizations within the community:
  • Treasurer, Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • Vice President, Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association Treasure Coast Chapter
  • Volunteer, Great Futures Task Force, Boys and Girls Club of Saint Lucie County
  • Kyle also supports many local non-profits through participation and contributing to fundraisers and events.

Matthew Saur

General Manager / Managing Partner
My name is Matthew Saur and I have worked at Kyle G’s Restaurant since 2018. I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY where I resided for 32 years until I made the venture to South Florida. While living in Upstate, NY I started my restaurant career at Tully’s Good Times and Friendly’s! Both of these restaurants were great establishments to work for and it gave me the chance and opportunity to learn so much about the food industry and how to work with the general public. With wanting to further my career, I was able to get another opportunity at a fine dining restaurant called The Prime Steak House. This position entailed a great deal in understanding what fine dining is; from different cuts of steak, to starting to understand wine in general and then how it pertains to enhancing dinner options. Not only did I learn a lot about food and wine, but I learned about what people expected and how to create the experience that this type of restaurant would warrant. I learned quite quickly on how to create an experience that was both memorable and enjoyable. With this position, it really helped me decide where I wanted to take my career. It helped me see that I have a passion for fine dining and making sure that the guest is educated about our products and always happy with their experience. I always want to make sure that I exceeded my guests expectations and that by the end of the meal they felt more like they were part of my family! After working for The Prime Steak house for 4 years, I decided to make a change in my career and started working at The Turning Stone Resort and Casino Steakhouse. This was and is a top of the line fine dining restaurant in Upstate NY where people came to enjoy not only their meal but their experience. While working there, my knowledge for foods and drinks expanded greatly and has really helped me succeed in the food industry. This position not only gave me more knowledge, but it gave me the experience and confidence I needed to help me move into the management position I am in today. In 2015 I made my venture to South Florida. I wasn’t familiar with the area or restaurants, I struggled to find a job and was extremely fortunate to take a job at Carrabba’s in Stuart. I worked there for four years in which I began doing managerial duties. This opportunity gave me an inside look at all that is involved in seeing what it takes to operate at a high level. This was a truly amazing experience which helped me learn so much about what it takes to manage a restaurant. During this time, I learned how to do inventory, work with staff and personnel to develop a strong team atmosphere on the floor and what it takes to make the restaurant succeed on all levels. All of these experiences have led me to where I am today. I started as a waiter for Kyle G’s a little over a year and a half ago and gradually worked my way into the management position I hold now. It is truly rewarding to work alongside all of my team members who share the same passion and desires that my heart holds.

Percy Tercero

Executive Chef Partner
"Back home there was always someone cooking something, all day. That's how I believe I grew a passion for food and hospitality".
- Chef Percy Tercero

Kyle G's innovative and award-winning kitchen is lead by Executive Chef Percy Tercero. Percy spent his early childhood years in his home country of Honduras before immigrating to the United States with his family. With a traditionally agricultural lifestyle in Honduras, Percy was exposed to the foundation of successful culinary tradition - fresh ingredients that are brought together by the community that creates and enjoys them. Cooking and eating were a full family affair, involving the cultivation of fresh ingredients from the family farms as well as gathering around the table for the finished product that evening. Chef Percy has brought that tradition to Kyle G's Prime Seafood and Steaks by considering the staff a community, and the product of their creation something to share. After immigrating to Miami, Percy was surrounded by more culinary spirit from his extended family in the states. Experience for Percy was gained from working in his family's bakery, making from-scratch dough and pastries, and his first "real job" at an Italian restaurant in Deerfield Beach. Beginning as a dishwasher and quickly working his way up the ladder, Percy eventually found himself a linecook at Stallone's - and in love with the culinary field. Eventually, Percy would take a culinary position with Bonefish Grill in Coral Springs, and without haste, would open the Stuart Florida location as a certified trainer. Bonefish Grill would be where Percy remained for 14 years, as well as where he would earn the title Executive Chef. Leaving Bonefish Grill to open Kyle G's, Percy now leads a team of culinary professionals that are dedicated to realizing the Eat Local, Be Coastal philosophy by using fresh ingredients to bring those culinary traditions and community values right here to the shores of Jensen Beach.

Dylan Balducci

Systems Director
Dylan Balducci is a Chef by profession, who began cooking at a young age because of strong family influences. His background is French Canadian and Italian. Holidays were comprised of large gatherings with family and, most importantly, food. He began his career in high school, taking part in culinary classes. Following high school, he joined the culinary program in Fort Pierce at Indian River State College. He completed his apprenticeship at the elite Jupiter Island Club in Hobe Sound. On the off-season, he ventured up to Edgar Yacht Club on Martha's Vineyard, where he helped run the kitchen. One summer, he also ran a kid’s camp called Camp Winnebago in Maine. Upon returning home to Florida, he worked as the PM Sous Chef at Rotties on the Ocean on Hutchinson Island until the hurricanes came through, and permanently shut down the restaurant. After that, he continued his career locally at Peter’s Steakhouse in Jensen Beach, while also helping local Chefs in the area with part time kitchen duties. For the last three years, he led the culinary program of a start up, healthy meal prep company. With this experience, he fine-tuned his invaluable skills of preparing delicious, low calorie, and diet-specific food. One of Dylan’s strongest skill sets is teaching others the techniques and passion required to be successful in the industry. Dylan’s position with Kyle G’s Prime Seafood allows him to cultivate the team members’ skill set and knowledge, while positively contributing to the development of our menu and our service.


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